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Application Features

We offer tracking and access control for all your needs, for everyday use.
From Personal Tracking to Enterprise Tracking Solutions.


Kunbu enables remote monitoring of your device (cars, bus, motocycle, boat) using geofence, so that the owner will get notified if the device enters or exits this aears.

Access Control

Kunbu Tracking logs every single data recieved from the device, so that the owner can get more intelligent reports about the device locations and status.

Fuel Level

Check remaining fuel level in fuel tank and remotely cut off fuel and make your vessel or vehicle stop in case of theft or any violation for maximum security and safety.

Speed Alarms

Monitor your vessels or vehicles speed in real-time, and get notified if speed limit is reached. You can set the maximum and minimum speed for the vessels and vehicles.

SOS Alarm

In state of distress, vessels captains can send a signal with one click. This message can be configured to your need. [eg: MNDF, Police, Fire & Safety].

Two Way Communication

Listen to the trackers surroundings and monitor your vessels better with two-way communication anywhere in the world. Track and monitor your entire fleet with seamless connectivity.

Trace Map / Log

Check your vessels activities and whereabouts for a given date or a timeframe depending on your package. Replay your vessels or vehicles activities with just one click.

Ignition Detection

Get real-time notification about the engine ignition state. This information will be saved in the log and can be accessed for upto 5 years based on your package.

Unauthorized Access Alarm

Get notifications about any unauthorized access atempt, you will get notified if the device SIM changes or if the device is being tinkered or on power cut.

More Than 20 Alarms

Our platform offers the best and most secure tracking solution available in the Maldives.
Know more about the things that matters.

Over Speed AlartSOS Alarm
Over Speed AlartLow Battery Alarm
Over Speed AlartLow Battery Protection Alarm
Over Speed AlartPower Cut Alarm
Over Speed AlartPower On Alarm
Over Speed AlartOverspeed Alarm
Over Speed AlartUnderspeed Alarm
Over Speed AlartSpeed Displacement Alarm
Over Speed AlartEnter Geo-Fance Alarm
Over Speed AlartExit Geo-Fance Alarm
Over Speed AlartGPS First Fix Notice
Over Speed AlartEnter GPS Dead Zone Alarm
Over Speed AlartExit GPS Dead Zone Alarm
Over Speed AlartIgnition On Alarm
Over Speed AlartIgnition Off Alarm
Over Speed AlartSIM Change Alarm
Over Speed AlartDisassebmle Alarm
Over Speed AlartAirplane Alarm
Over Speed AlartVibration Alarm
Over Speed AlartDoor Alarm
Over Speed AlartLow Oil Level Alarm