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Tracking Solution for Every Need!

We offer tracking and access control for all your needs, for everyday use.
From Personal Tracking to Enterprise Tracking Solutions.

Car Tracking

Perfect solution for your car tracking, we offer many types of devices that fits your budget and needs.

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Bike Tracking

Know where your bike is at. Monitor its activities online, to know what happens to your bike and where it goes.

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Vessel Tracking

For sea vessels, our tracking device comes with many features and great connection optimized for better tracking and safety.

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Personal Tracking

A compact device designed specially for personal tracking which has a huge battery life and two-way communication.

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About Kunbu Tracking

The best tracking solution available in the Maldives.
From Personal Tracking to Enterprise Tracking Solutions.

Kun’bu is a complete sea transport management system. The Kun’bu platform is designed to connect the entire Maldives under one umbrella. Kun'bu Tracking is a tracking platform that connects all transport vehicles and vessels, for a more manageable monitoring, that also ensures its safety.


Centralizing Maldivian transport under one platform.


To provide a safer, better option into monitoring and managing vessels.

Business Partners

Kun’bu has only been possible with the partnership of the most innovative telecom company in the country, Ooredoo Maldives.
Thank you Ooredoo Maldives for the endless support.